Distilled Board Game



A Spirited Strategy Game

Distilled is a highly-thematic, medium weight euro game about crafting alcoholic spirits in a distillery for 1-5 players. The gameplay takes inspiration from real-world distillery processes with resource management, recipe fulfillment, tableau building, and mitigate-your-luck mechanics.

You have inherited a distillery from a long-lost relative, and strive for the title of master distiller, through purchasing goods, building up your distillery, and crafting the world's most renowned spirits!


Players: 1-5
Ages: 14+
Time: 30 min per player

Weight & Dimensions:
7 lbs. 6 oz.
304.8mm x 304.8mm x 109.5mm

Included with Game
  • 333 cards (56 x 87mm)
  • 187 cardboard tokens
  • 68 mini cards (41 x 63mm)
  • 43 wooden tokens
  • 20 large tasting flight cards
  • 5 player boards
  • 5 dual-layered recipe boards
  • 5 large player reference cards
  • 3 main game boards
  • 2 rulebooks
  • 3 removable source trays with lids and box organizer designed by Game Trayz
Resources & Downloads

Explore the Science & Business of Crafting Spirits

Resource Management
Tableau Building
Mitigate Your Luck Mechanics
Recipe Fulfillment

Truly International Flavor

Inherit your distillery from one of 18 different distillers from around the world, while you strive to craft any of the 15 unique international spirits like whisky, rum, baijiu, gin, and tequila.

Profit from Prestigious Spirits

Place your spirits in a wooden barrel and store them in a warehouse, gaining flavor for every round they stay there. Sell the aged spirit in fancy bottles that will gain you fame and fortune.

Upgrade your Distillery

Build up your distillery with upgrades, features, specialists working in the industry and innovative equipment that will create efficiencies in your process.


  • “The whole [distillation] process is represented in the game in a way that just nails that blend of theme and mechanisms that I think any gamer is going to appreciate."
  • “That deceptively simple gameplay loop of ‘buy some cards, push your luck, reap any rewards, repeat’ is immensely satisfying.”
  • “Mechanically, this is probably one of the most solid games I have played in this genre coming from an indie publisher.”
  • David, Man vs. Meeple
  • Adam, Punchboard
  • Jessie, Quackalope

How To Play

Learn about Distilled with Ryan, from Nights Around a Table.

Award Winning Game Experiences

Create Your Own Custom Recipes

Create your very own custom tasting flight or playable custom recipe! Design a label or upload your own image, and choose a name, region, ingredients, and barrel type. Once you are happy with your custom spirit, you can add it to a custom flight or print it out to be used as a spirit label in the game!