Paverson Games is proud to announce the exciting new mini-expansion for Distilled - CASK STRENGTH! This expansion is a small box that packs a BIG punch! 

Distilled: Cask Strength Mini-Expansion

And wow is this new expansion rockin'. It is going to add some oomph to your Distilled game, with upgraded ingredients, a new dynamic market, and some fun new Distillery Upgrades and Flavor cards. This expansion was designed by Richard Woods, who was the developer for Distilled (and also the dev for our upcoming Luthier), and illustrated by Distilled’s Erik Evensen.

55 cards total pack into this little box, introducing cool new mechanics and features!

It's been described as a mini-expansion that brings Distilled from a 3.0 on the BGG weight scale closer to a solid 3.25, due to it including the following cool new features:

  • Ingredient Powers: We've assigned unique effects to every single premium ingredient card in the game, allowing players to replace some or all of the current sugar cards for additional complexity and combos.
  • Dynamic Market: We've created a new dynamic market, which presents players with more economically driven decisions that will arise and change throughout the game.
  • Fun Flavors and Upgrades: We've added four new unique flavor cards (with a special effect!) and four new, advanced-level Distillery Upgrades to add a bit more crunch to your engine building.
A few of the cool new cards you’ll find in Cask Strength

Cask Strength FAQ’s

  • Delivery Date? If you pre-order this first wave of the expansion, it will likely be on your table in just over a month’s time from today. 
  • Fit in Box? Yes, this will all fit in the base game box, even if you sleeve your cards!
  • Languages? At this time, Cask Strength is only available in English, but we are speaking with partners about expanding in the coming months.
  • Shipping Locations? At this time, we can only ship to North America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. We hope to be able to expand this further in the future, as we know we have fans all over the world! And please note, we have tried to get shipping costs as low as we can, but with inflation and limited fulfillment locations, we know that it may be better to either go in on a group buy (to get free shipping!) or wait for a convention or Luthier's Kickstarter.
  • Conventions? Yes, we'll have this for sale at both UKGE and Gen Con (while supplies last).
  • Kickstarter? We chose not to run an entire Kickstarter for just a small expansion. Instead, we figured out a way to fund this print run ourselves, as a thank you to you - our fans - because we want it to be available to you as soon - and as affordable - as possible. BUT we will include this - and all other Distilled items - in the Luthier Kickstarter this coming summer, in case now isn’t the right time for you to make another purchase or add another game to your collection (just be aware that it would then be a loooong time before you’d get it - likely 2025)!

We're very excited about this landing on people's tables very soon, and hope you'll get a chance to pre-order the game while supplies last!

Written by David Beck

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